Rust and Nail

Rust & Nail is meant for those who embrace personal growth through sacrifice, struggle, and the acts of becoming preparatory in nature.

We live in a world of luxury and distraction, but there are those who desire to rise above the fallen Empire, frantically fighting to create a life worth living as their end of days beckons ever closer.

These individuals are often silent. They crawl through creeping bogs and scurry through cities alight with fire. You can find them in the dusty shadows of dive bars and juke box joints, their heavy brows falling on the filth in front of them. They ride iron horses on the plains of the free and scream boasts of war atop ancient summits. They are found soaked in their own sweat within muggy, dimly lit gyms.

They are the lonely, the brave, the very few who dare to live and think outside the societal norm. Whether you count yourself among them, or perhaps you’ve just started the long journey, I hope these words of one man help guide you in winning your war.

May you find meaning in my words, and may the heart and actions of outlaws and drifters forever remain necessary symbol of rebelling against the Empire, recruiting those of like-mind to join us.

Thank you for taking the time to read my maniacal renderings. I want you to know I’m pulling for you.