Reader Reviews

“Your books are so good. I read them and think: this motherfucker gets it. You are macho and vulnerable in equal proportions. Do you know how RARE that is? I feel like there’s 12 of us on earth who are equal parts badasses and dumbasses and I admire your writing so much. I cherish your books and that’s why I used your BindRune to paint my latest bear kill. I literally used it as stencil. I wanted a daily reminder (that skull now hangs on my wall) of your work and Thus you..Your honesty is rare. And I admire it. Know this. As you walk through your day KNOW this. Savvy?”

“I wanted to reach out to you and tell you thank you. I'm about 75% through with Rust and Nail, and just ordered Iron and Salt. Your work has been increasingly helpful to me, as it serves to put me in the right frame of mind to continue challenging and pushing myself. So thank you for your hard work, and I look forward to finishing Rust and Nail, reading Iron and Salt, and the continued body of work that I hope is to follow.”

“Ideas and philosophies to be a better man in todays world. This book has shown me better ways to walk along a path i was already heading down. It has also shown me I'm not alone in my outlook and world view”

“Excellent. Liboiron describes the reality of being a man/warrior in a hard, cold world. He is actually a very talented writer, I hope he branches out into Manosphere fiction.”

“Jeff has landed one of the best sequels to philosophy you could ask for.

Sequels can sometime be repetitive or miss the essence of the first success. But Jeff has completely updated his Masculine real world advice, technical application and lifestyle inclusions!

For me it couldn't come at a better time, as Demons only attack when you not looking, had some really bad flus (2 in a row) and that's when the demons come hunting you out, not when you at your strongest! And Jeff outlines this in detail as well as ways to overcome the challenge.

You can tell the writer lives this philosophy because of how it's grown from the first book #rustandnail which is where you should start when starting Jeff's work.

Could keep writing a million great things about iron and salt but it's time you grab a copy and read it!”

"Just finished Rust and Nail, and I gotta say I had never read sorting I would relate so much with. I dealt with addictions, a severe back problem, and dark family issues in the past. I let my demons consume me for a good time and I let the hate I felt inside burn me alive.

Reading those words made me remember some of this dark times and it is true that you say…it is in our demons, our struggle, our adversity where we forge ourselves to become what we have the potential to be.

Props to you man! Your work is great beyond words. I am ordering Iron and Salt.”

“Blown away by how good Iron and Salt is. Awesome follow up to 'Rust & Nail’”

“Looks like Liboiron has created another masterpiece of real life applications to assist us growing into stronger Men!”

“Iron & Salt is Jeff Liboiron’s 2nd book. Rust & Nail was his first. Both books are incredible but Iron & Salt takes Jeff’s primal writings to a new level. It’s an honest, real, brutal read about the violent world of today. I can’t recommend Iron & Salt highly enough. Matter of fact, pick up Rust & Nail while your at it. You are welcome in advance. If you are looking for light reading while sipping your Starbucks, don’t waste your time. This book isn’t for you.”

“Really enjoy the pictures and your outlook on combat, especially ground fighting on the street.”

"Rust and nail" by "JR Liboiron" The best book I have read last year (2017) and I can't recommend it enough. It really resonated with me and it was a pleasure to read, poetic, strong and motivating. A bunch of real good chapters to carve in to your soul.”

"If you're a dude looking to embrace personal growth the hard way; through sacrifice and struggle. this book offers a powerful and well written look at where masculinity sits in this shameful, and emasculated world today, and what we can do to reach our highest potential as men."

“Brutally motivating!”

“A must have for your reading list. Amazing work.”

“I’ve been needing this pick me up. The mind should be as strong as the body, if not stronger.”

“A must have for your reading list. Amazing work.”

“Your book hit me like a hammer to the face. Thank you for this book and for sharing your thoughts. Everyone's madness is different, but I now realize mine and I will do just as it says; I will harness it rather than letting it destroy me.”

“You’ve changed my life for the better. I’m now finding myself, the real me. I can’t thank you enough. Don’t stop doing what you’re doing.. You are an inspiration the new barbarians of this world.”

“My copy rocked up the other day, both the postman and I experienced an immediate surge in testosterone. Powerful imagery provoking thought and change. I look forward to seeing more of your works!”

“I strive to read material that forces me to take a hard, honest, look at myself & challenges who I am as a Man. J R Liboiron has crushed his way into writing this incredible book, RUST AND NAIL. His prose is brutal, honest, inspiring, real world & common sense. Qualities lacking in most books today. If you want to change the way you view yourself & the modern World around you, pick up this book. This is a book you don’t just read once & shelve. It’s a book that you will continue to refer back to, reread & learn from. Buy this book. You are welcome in advance.”

Every Man should own a copy of Rust And Nail. Pussies & Tourists, don’t bother. Order a feel good/fantasy land book of bullshit instead. J R Liboiron hit it out of the friggin park with this book.

“Solid work from a man who is no stranger to violence. This book will stoke the inner flame and keep it blazing into the end of days.”